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Getting a Price

       Call us for a quality job, at a competitive price. Don't worry, estimates are free! If you want an estimate now can check out how much your driveway will roughly cost with our instant Online Estimator! Click here. A valid estimate can only be performed by one of our estimators. Call us at (905)-732-6541


Paving your Driveway


DO'S and DONT's


Do deal Local


Do check past performance with the B.B.B and your local Chamber of Commerce (see our rating below)


Do what is necessary to ensure a good job


Do read your contract


Don't hesitate to ask for reference


Remember "the best price is not necessarily the best jobĦħ. Aggravation is cheap to buy.


Getting the Your Driveway ready


       The key to a good driveway is a good base. You need a minimum of 9 inches of compacted stone. If you are having your driveway dug out, we may let the stone settle for approximately a month. In some situations we are able to pave right away. If a stone base is already there, you must ensure that there is 9 inches of stone. Remember your Driveway is only as good as its base.


Paving your Driveway


       Van Jon starts by laying a minimum 1.5 inches of base (HL8), we then compact it with our 3 ton vibratory roller. Once that layer hardens, we apply the finish mat. The top mat is another 1.5 inches. There are many different products to choose from when applying the top coat. They have all different properties due to their unique mixes; check below for types of asphalt.



Types of Asphalt



HL8 asphalt


3 A

3A Asphalt types of asphalt



HM3 Asphalt types of asphalt





  Residential driveway port colborne, finished.