Sealer halfway done in wainfleet.

Yes, there are many benefits to sealer:

,          Reinstates oils that are lost due to the oxidation processes as asphalt ages.

,         Brings back the deep black color of a brand new driveway.

,         Helps asphalt resist oil spills and gas leaks.

,         Prevents water penetration.


When shouldn't I seal my driveway?

,         New driveways shouldn't be sealed for one year so it can fully cure.

~Sealer can help preserve your driveway, however it can not fix cracks, holes or ruts. These can be remedied, call Van Jon for a list of options~







  • Water Base

Water base sealer creates a thin layer on top of the driveway, which helps to prevent stains. Asphalt is an oil-based product, so a water base sealer may choke the pavement, creating thin cracks. Due to this fact we choose not utilize this product.


  • Oil Base

An oil based sealer absorbs into the asphalt but cannot prevent staining by oil or gas. This sealer allows the asphalt to breath and will infuse oils back into the surface.







  • Roller

       This is the most common way to apply sealer. It is used by homeowners and is the cheapest way to apply sealer. With a roller, it is hard to apply an even coat. Many times roller marks will appear and it is easy to apply too much sealer. This can result in streaking and excess sealer being tracked into your home.


  • Squeegee

       This is the most difficult way to apply sealer, as it may not get spread evenly. Experience is a must when attempting to apply sealer using the squeegee method.? Van Jon does not use this method because it is not cost effective for the home owner.


  • Spray

       Specialized equipment is needed to spray a driveway; skill and experience are a requirement. This is the method Van Jon utilizes, as it is the most economical, and is able to penetrate small voids giving a superior sealed surface.





       Van Jon has chosen to use an oil base sealer with a spray system. We are unable to give free estimates on sealer, however it is easy to find out what it would cost.? First, find your square footage (length*width) and then multiply it by $0.25. A 1000 sq.ft driveway would cost $250.00.



Parking Lot Sealer Before/After with Patching done

Credit Union patching and Sealing done by Van Jon Paving 2003




Parking Lot Sealer Before/After with Patching finished